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    • Best Actor 2019

      1. Christian Bale 2. Ryan Gosling 3. Bradley Cooper 4. Robert Redford 5. Willem Dafoe 6. Rami Malek


      [quote quote=1202657687]Dafoe was never happening[/quote] I completely disagree.

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      Started by:  Andrew D

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    • The Hate U Give Oscar chances
      Ruby Sparks

      I was amazed by "The Hate U Give." Its roadblock to Oscar is in the fact that it's based on a bestse

      Alex Meyer

      Despite the Academy's attempts to diversify its membership, there's still the overall bias against movies based on young adult novels. Apart from Wonder's nomination for Best Makeup & Hairstyling, critically acclaimed movies based on young adult

      Started by:  MrScreenAddict

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    • 91st Oscars (Part 2)

      http://www.deadline.com/2018/04/academy-awards-rules-changes-oscars-1202375630For the first time, st


      Incredibles 2 has this in the bag. If the first wreck it Ralph couldn't beat Brave then the sequel has a better chance of being the next Lego movie than winning.

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      Started by:  Riley

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    • BOX OFFICE #4

      So Harry Potter's single day record remains intact. Interesting.

      PJ Edwards

      [quote quote=1202657641]Friday Dailies 1. Halloween – $33.34 million 2. A Star Is Born – $5.7 million 3. Venom – $5.05 million 4. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween – $2.54 million 5. First Man – $2.5 million [/quote] Dat Flop Man drop. So m

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      Started by:  babypook

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    • Best Supporting Actress 2019

      It's Olivia COLMAN not Coleman. Let's get the name of this category's next winner correct.


      Listen people, NICOLE KIDMAN AIN'T GETTING DOUBLE NOD THIS YEAR. She is lucky to get some love for Destroyer but her Boy Erased is completely hopeless. I even think of my girl got higher chances of getting a nomination in this category than her.

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      Started by:  Andrew D

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    • A Star Is Born (Part 2)

      Just saw it. Gaga and Cooper deserve all the hype, imo. I'm excited to see the other contenders to s


      Finally saw this. It was worth the wait (of not seeing it when there was a large crowd....apparently Halloween was really popular). Gaga was great and deserves the nomination and possibly a win (as of now she is the best lead actress performance I ha

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      Started by:  Chris Beachum

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    • Official CATS Film Adaptation Thread
      Larry Young

      I...umm...hmmm. Ok. I don't know that anyone wanted or needed this. J Hud will do a lovely rendition

      M Bocioaca

      Bombalurina is a mean role and I kinda trust Swift with that. I liked the filmed version of the musical and I wouldn't mind this being the same. Hope they do it well. Cats has a special place in my heart.

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      Started by:  Jeffrey Kare

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    • Ad Astra

      I really think it will have huge chances in the sound categories, as well as visual effects. But I'm


      With this and the Tarantino film coming out, 2019/2020 could shape up to be a very good awards season for Brad Pitt. He's got a pretty unbeatable narrative.

      Started by:  phinsjake

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    • Official HALLOWEEN (2018) Thread

      I am HERE for it.


      That was actually pretty good lmao, aside from Michael's usual brief teleportation powers and the psychiatrist twist I really enjoyed it. All the call backs to the original made me smile :'') And the theme is just as tight 40 years later.

      Started by:  Anonymous

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